Gelbvieh The maternal plus performance breed.

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Pronounced Gel-fee (German for yellow cattle)

The Gelbvieh Cattle originated in Germany in the 19th century. The first arrival of Gelbvieh into Australia was in 1988, the Australian Gelbvieh Association Inc was then established in 1989.

Gelbvieh Characteristics

- Quiet Temperament

- Moderately Framed

- Fertility

- High Adaptability

- Exceptional Milk (Strong Maternal Traits)

- Red or Black

- Rapid Weight For Age

- Excellent Carcase

- High Saleable Meat Yield

- Longevity

These qualities made our decision on a Gelbvieh stud very simple. Since establishing our Gelbvieh stud in 1992 we haven't looked back. We have been consistently impressed with our Gelbvieh herd as they live up to their expectations. Our aim at Glendale is to breed docile, well muscled, structurally correct animals, with a moderate frame score and plenty of length in the body to add weight. We also aim for an even fat cover, with good Eye-Muscle Area (EMA) and Intra Muscular Fat (IMF). We also like our females to have tidy udders with good milk supply. Polledness in European breeds is becoming more and more demanding, therefore we are aiming to breed polled animals for our clients. Although in saying that, if you do buy a horned bull and you are putting it over your purebred British herd, you are still guaranteed to get a polled animal.


Nearly all European breeds are used as terminal sires. Gelbvieh can not only be used as terminal sires but their heifer progeny can most certainly be kept as breeding females as well. Their puberty, fertility and milk production is superior over other European cross females. From studies carried out at the Clay Centre, Nebraska USA, Gelbvieh had the largest ribeye-muscle area per 100kg of all breeds. Hence they have high cutout yields. It can be concluded from the Clay Centre research, that Gelbvieh is the one single cattle breed which incorporates more of the commercially important traits in the genotype than any other breed. This explains why the Gelbvieh breed has grown so fast in the USA and why 70% of the cattle ranchers around Clay Center use Gelbvieh either as purebreds or for crossing.


The characteristics and benifits of using Gelbvieh sires are, you have the potential to breed your own replacement heifers over british females, by doing this you boost your herds fertility, add the benifits of Hybred Vigour (which is the increased growth rate you get by crossing two pure breds) increase your herds milk on replacement females-which is what makes those great baby beef calves, which is what makes your enterprise make more $$$. You also have more even fat cover and the steers and heifers will make great baby beef or feedlot animals. So you save on replacement costs and increase your bottom line profit by using Gelbvieh.

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